The Work Of A Civil Celebrant

A civil celebrant is someone who provides more secular or sometimes non-religious weddings, namings and funerals.

They will usually work in a very flexible way to help people create the type of ceremony they want for an important event in their lives. They can be as involved as you want them to be, or they can simply be in the background to pick up things when needed as you go through the steps of preparing and conducting a ceremony.Most will lead a civil ceremony and support family and friends who want to take part in the ceremony themselves.

Support and co-ordination

They can make time available to you to talk through the things that are important to consider before a ceremony takes place. They can help to co-ordinate a funerals, memorials or naming ceremonies where family and friends want to take part in the ceremonies by reading a poem or the eulogy, designing a video presentation or decorating the venue for the funeral. They can be an adviser, a resource person, a creator of the ceremony and conduct a ceremony in place of a religious minister.

Information and advice

They can be a useful source of information – they may know suitable readings, poems or songs that could be included in a ceremony if it’s not easy to find something suitable. They can advise on the ordering of different bits of a ceremony, as well as help with ideas about what could be included in a service to make it truly personal, unique and memorable in a good way. They can be a sounding board when there is doubt or confusion, and they can also help ease tension if there are differences of opinion.

Writing for ceremonies

Most will expect to write the words for the Ceremony they are going to conduct but some will be flexible about how much they write and offer to help with writing part or all of a ceremony script to make sure that what is said on the day is fitting for the occasion.