At Ceremoniously we believe there should never be a lost opportunity to mark our important life events with love and care. The birth of a child, the death of someone close to us, the life of a friend or loved one; all of these events can be marked or celebrated with a personally designed ceremony.

We understand the importance of making sure that celebrations to mark life events go well because they can only be held once and we will work flexibly with you so that your ceremony will run smoothly on the day

Planning and designing Ceremonies

Ceremoniously designs and conducts individually created ceremonies to mark important life events. We can plan and organise the whole ceremony or provide information to help you plan your ceremony. If you need help finding suitable music or words for Funerals, Namings or Memorial Ceremonies our planning and design services can help and you may find the some of the items in our resources section useful.

Writing for Ceremonies

We offer a writing service so that you can include words that have been specifically written for your Funeral, Naming or Memorial Ceremony and we can edit words that have been written by other people for you so that your Ceremony includes their words.

Conducting Ceremonies

We can conduct the ceremony for you or provide support you if you want to conduct the ceremony yourself.  Ceremoniously can provide a trained celebrant to conduct the whole or parts of a Ceremony for you and they can also work with other people to jointly conduct your Ceremony.