How I Work

I like to meet somewhere quiet and comfortable for our first meeting to talk through ideas to start planning your naming ceremony or funeral.  After this first meeting we can keep in touch using phone calls, texts and e-mails in whatever way works best for us.

I see my role as helping to take the stress out of organising a funeral, memorial or naming ceremony. I am happy to deal with any queries you have and will keep in close contact with you and any other people we need to talk as we plan your funeral or naming ceremony.

For me the most important thing is that your funeral or ceremony will be what you want it to be and will go as you want it to go on the day.

I work flexibly with you to help achieve your wishes. I take on a variety of styles and roles to make sure control of the work stays with the customer. I can direct and lead when necessary but will always be responsive to and guided by the needs and wishes of customers.

I am flexible about my role during the planning as well as on the day and will do as much or as little as you want me to.

My service is confidential. I keep meetings and conversations confidential to the customer and only share information with others at the request of a customer.

My fees

My fee for planning a ceremony is based on the amount of time I spend on planning and how much you want me to help with. We will discuss the cost of my work in our initial meeting or conversation before I start to carry out any of the work.

My fee for designing and conducting a funeral or ceremony is normally £150 plus travel expenses. If I think it should be different I will discuss this with you in our first meeting.

My fees for writing are variable and based on how much you ask me to write. The average cost of writing a main speech is £50.00 and for writing the full script for a ceremony it is likely to be £100.00

Feedback about my service

I appreciate your feedback and welcome your comments about my work. I provide a feedback slip for customers to use – or you can use my website contact section to let me know how you feel about the work I have carried out for you.