Eulogies for Funerals

This is one of the areas of planning a funeral that people often find quite daunting or too much of a challenge. And then there are those who find it an easy thing to do.

Depending on the circumstances and length of a person’s life – there can be a huge amount of material to include in a Eulogy and sometimes the hardest challenge is what to leave out because there will not be time to include everything that family and friends want to hear about the deceased during their funeral.

I offer a Eulogy writing service for those who either cannot face the challenge of writing the Eulogy or where the circumstances are such that to be able to give information to me about the person so that I write the Eulogy is an easier way to produce it.

The Eulogy Writing Service is available to anyone who is planning a funeral, whether I am to be involved in the Service or not.

I can provide anonymous examples of my work if you would like to see a Eulogy I have written before you ask me to write one for you.

I will also help with editing a Eulogy that has been written by other people

The way I write a Eulogy

During the first meeting to plan a funeral I discuss the Eulogy, asking how it is to be written and who I can speak to about the person who has died, so that I can gather the personal information I need.

Unless I am asked not to, I will always talk to the family and any close friends of someone who has died while I am writing a Eulogy.

I respect the wishes of individuals and families regarding what to include and what to leave out of a Eulogy. I do not include anything that might be uncomfortable or embarrassing for anyone listening to the speech.

I often find that I can very quickly get detailed information about a person from quite short conversations.

In circumstances where there is limited information available possibly because there are no relatives and few friends still alive I will include more general information about the historical context of a person’s life.

I will ask for a person who I should have as a contact while I am editing or writing a Eulogy and clarify the best way to keep in touch, whether by phone, e-mail or text.

Editing Eulogies you have written yourself

I can also edit a Eulogy that has been written by someone or a group of people for a Funeral. Before doing this I will need to speak to the person arranging the funeral to make sure that I have a clear understanding of the amount of time available for the Eulogy. I also find it helpful to know what else will be included in the funeral and the place at which the Eulogy will be delivered.

Before editing a Eulogy it helps me to know who will be delivering the Eulogy on the day of the funeral, and to have an understanding of the important people and relationships in the person’s life so that I can understand the material I am given to work with. I usually find that most of this information can be shared in a conversation with the person who is arranging the funeral.

Guidance on delivering a Eulogy

Writing a Eulogy is one thing, but delivering it on the day is something quite different. I also  offer guidance on delivering a Eulogy.

I have trained in and train others in Public Speaking and have many years experience of giving talks to a wide variety of people as well as delivering Eulogies as part of a Funeral.

The guidance I offer is not based on a standard approach, but a tailored support service based on your individual needs. We will discuss your thoughts and concerns about delivering the Eulogy and focus on the things that you are concerned about.

I will help you to prepare for the day with some individually designed pointers and you can practice delivering the Eulogy for me to give feedback to help you develop your confidence before you deliver it during the Funeral.