Designing and conducting a Funeral

I can help with all aspects of designing and conducting a Funeral. When we first meet we will discuss what you want me to do and agree how we are going to work together to create a personal funeral for you or your loved one.

I will work with you to design an individual funeral with personal touches that are fitting for the person who has died. Together we can plan all aspects of the funeral ceremony including the music, readings, speeches, prayers or blessings, or you can just ask me to help plan the bits that you are unsure of.

I can help with finding suitable music, readings, poems, prayers and blessings if you need me to.

I can also help with designing an order of service for your funeral. If you are not sure what order to put things in we can decide that together.

I can advise on the details of saying goodbye in a suitable way for the family and friends of the deceased and we can include personal features that you would like to form part of the funeral ceremony.

I can lead the whole of the funeral service if that is what you want, or I can just take parts of it. I am experienced at working with families and friends who want to take part of the funeral service themselves.