Planning a Funeral

Sometimes having to cover everything involved in planning a funeral can be too much for one person to do in quite a short space of time. Even if there is more than one person working on planning a funeral, sometimes it can help to have someone outside the family and unknown to those involved, to use as a sounding board or source of information.

I can help you to plan a Funeral, decide what you want to include, help with finding music, readings or poems and put it all together.

It is not always easy to work out how long each section of a funeral will take, or to decide what order the different bits of a service should take. I can help with decisions about either of these things.

If you have ideas about what you want to include but do not know how to go about it, we can work out the detail of how to do this together and I can provide information and advice to help with this.

If there are several people involved in planning a funeral there may be times when it could be useful to have someone who can help with resolving differences of opinion about how something should be done. Although I do not get involved in disputes within families I can offer an objective view from a distance if needed.