Writing for a Funeral

Having the right words at a funeral has become more important as people are choosing to hold more personal funeral ceremonies. A well written Eulogy is probably one of the most important parts of a Funeral but the words to be used for other parts of it can also help to create a truly personal experience.

With everything that has to be done when arranging a funeral sometimes finding the time to write what will be said on the day is not always an easy thing to do in a short space of time; there may not be anyone in a family group who is particularly confident about writing and even when we are used to writing it’s sometimes just not that easy to find the right words to say on the day. If you want help with writing the words for the Funeral Service I can help with this.

The Eulogy Writing Service is available to anyone who is planning a funeral, whether I am to be involved in the Service or not.

I can provide anonymous examples of my work if you would like to see a Eulogy I have written before you ask me to write one for you.

I will also help with editing a Eulogy that has been written by other people.

For more information about how I write a Eulogy you may want to read the article on Eulogies on my homepage.