Memorial Ceremonies

Holding a Memorial Service to remember someone is becoming more popular as a way of marking the anniversary of a death, or focussing on the loss of someone who has been an important person in our lives.

With the complex nature of some of our current lifestyles is it not always possible for someone to get to a funeral. Sometimes a funeral has been arranged in less than ideal circumstances and it may not be possible for everyone to get to the service. These circumstances can leave a sense of incompletion. Holding a memorial can help to bring about the sense of completion that most of us need in connection with a death.

In our culture the most prominent acts of remembrance that we have to follow or guide us are those linked with remembering those who have died in combat or while serving their country as a member of the forces.

Holding a Memorial Ceremony for civilians is not something that is particularly widely practiced. However it can be an extremely valuable thing to do. My own experience of attending Memorials has helped me to understand the important part they can play in helping us to grieve and express our sadness about loss. It can also help us to move forward and feel more liberated from past losses that no longer need to take time or energy from our lives.