Writing for a Ceremony

Writing for a Naming Ceremony is not something many people are likely to have much experience of and can be a rather daunting prospect, regardless of what role we are to play in the Ceremony.

Many people like to include parental commitments or undertakings as part of their Naming Ceremony but don’t feel confident enough to write these. I can help you to write these, or write them for you with your help.

I am happy to write words for any part of a Naming Ceremony. You may want me to help with writing an introduction for your naming ceremony or some suitable closing words, or it may be that you need some help with finding the right words to connect different parts of the Ceremony.  

I will send you a draft of anything that I write for your Naming Ceremony so that you can make changes before it becomes the final version to be used in the Memorial Ceremony.

My “writing for a Naming Ceremony” is a stand-alone package that I am happy to provide whether I am involved in any other part of designing and conducting a Naming Ceremony or not.